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Charitable Giving: Smart from the Heart

Do you have causes that you want to support with donations?

This video celebrates the generous heart of Americans, pointing out that every year, people in the U.S. give about $500 billion to different charities. That’s a lot of money going to good causes! But when you want to help by donating, it’s important to do it in a smart way. The video shares three helpful tips to make sure your donation really makes a difference.

First up, it says you should ask tough questions before you give your money away. Just like when you’re thinking about investing in something, you should look closely at the charity you want to support. Find out what they do, how they use the money, and if they’re really making a change. It’s all about making sure your donation is going to a good place.

Second, the video talks about giving your money where it’s needed most. It mentions that big places like universities or large hospitals already have a lot of money saved up. But smaller groups, like your local homeless shelter, might be struggling just to stay open. By choosing to donate to these smaller organizations, you can help a lot more. Your money could be exactly what they need to keep helping others.

The third tip is about giving your time, not just your money. The video suggests that volunteering for the charity you donate to can make you feel even better about helping. It’s one thing to send money, but it’s another to see with your own eyes the difference you’re making. Volunteering lets you meet the people you’re helping and see how your donation is used. This can make you feel really good, maybe even better than just writing a check.

The video wraps up by reminding us that giving isn’t just about having enough money or being a certain age. Anyone can give, and when you do, you get so much more back in return. It ends with an invitation to talk more about how you can give in a way that fits your life. The message is clear: when you give smartly and from the heart, you not only help others, but you also enrich your own life.

Trevor Randall, financial advisor in Long Beach

President and CEO of Randall Wealth Management Group

As a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) and Retirement Income Certified Professional® with over a 10 years of experience, Trevor Randall specializes in personalized retirement planning. As President and CEO of Randall Wealth Management Group, a family business established over 30 years ago, he prioritize hands-on care and detailed investment research to ensure every portfolio decision is accurate.

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